Meat Sales

Meat Sales will be closed Wednesday November 20, 2018 and Friday November 23, 2018. Sales will reopen Wednesday November 28, 2018

To order meat items you can stop into our meat lab store located in Kildee Hall from 11 am – 1pm, Wednesdays and Fridays. You can also place your order online below. You will be notified when your order is ready to be picked up. We do not ship. Pickup address is 164 Meat Lab located in Kildee Hall (North End of Kildee Hall Atrium Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa). Please be aware that not all items are always in stock. Sales are by package and packages are of variable weight. Adding multiples of a single item is adding packages, not pounds and the price will reflect that.

Products are sold by package, and package weight may vary.

Beef - Chuck Roast, bone-in $3.09/lb.
Beef - Chuck Roast, boneless $3.29/lb.
Beef - Arm Roast, bone-in $3.29/lb.
Beef - Arm Roast, boneless $3.59/lb.
Beef - Sirloin Tip Roast, boneless $3.59/lb.
Beef - Eye of Round Roast, boneless $3.59/lb.
Beef - Top Round Roast, boneless $3.69/lb.
Beef - Bottom Round Roast, boneless $3.19/lb.
Beef - Beef Brisket, boneless $4.59/lb.
Beef - Rump Roast, boneless $3.29/lb.
Beef - Sirloin Tri Tip Roast $4.99/lb.
Beef - Beef Coulotte Roast $4.99/lb.
Beef - Bone-in Beef Rib Roast $8.29/lb.
Beef - Tenderloin Roast Roast $11.69/lb.
Beef - Ribeye Steak, boneless $8.99/lb.
Beef - T-Bone Steak, bone-in $8.39/lb.
Beef - New York Strip Steak, boneless $7.99/lb.
Beef - Beef Tenderloin, boneless $11.99/lb.
Beef - Rib Steak, bone-in $8.39/lb.
Beef - Top Sirloin Steak, boneless $4.69/lb.
Beef - Round Steak, bone-in $2.79/lb.
Beef - Round Steak, boneless $3.09/lb.
Beef - Top Round Steak, boneless $3.89/lb.
Beef - Flank Steak, boneless $7.49/lb.
Beef - Chuck Eye Steak, boneless $6.99/lb.
Beef - Skirt Steak, boneless $6.09/lb.
Beef - Ground Beef (at least 80% lean) - BULK, 1lb. Packages $3.59/lb.
Beef - Ground Beef (at least 80% lean) - PATTIES, 2lb. packages $3.79/lb.
Beef - Beef Stew Meat, boneless $3.49/lb.
Beef - Cross Cut Shanks (soup bone) $3.29/lb.
Beef - Beef Back Ribs, bone-in $2.89/lb.
Beef - Beef Short Ribs $2.89/lb.
Lamb - Lamb Chops, bone-in $6.19/lb.
Lamb - Leg of Lamb, bone-in $6.59/lb.
Lamb - Shoulder Roast, boneless $4.99/lb.
Lamb - Lamb Stew, boneless $4.99/lb.
Lamb - Neck Slices $4.89/lb.
Lamb - Ground Lamb, >80% lean-Bulk $2.79/lb.
Lamb - Lamb Shanks, bone-in $5.09/lb.
Lamb - Lamb Riblets, bone-in $5.19/lb.
Lamb - Lamb Rib Rack Roast, bone-in $7.99/lb.
Lamb - Boneless Leg of Lamb $8.59/lb.
Pork - Boston Butt $1.69/lb.
Pork - Picnic Shoulder, boneless $2.39/lb.
Pork - Fresh Ham Roast, boneless $1.99/lb.
Pork - Pork Tenderloin, boneless $2.69/lb.
Pork - Pork Loin Roast, boneless $1.99/lb.
Pork - Sirloin Pork Roast, boneless $2.69/lb.
Pork - Pork Loin, whole, boneless $1.79/lb.
Pork - Pork Center Chops, bone-in $1.79/lb.
Pork - Pork Sirloin Chops, bone-in $1.89/lb.
Pork - Pork Rib Chops, bone-in $1.89/lb.
Pork - Butterfly Chops, boneless $3.39/lb.
Pork - Tenderized Loin Chops, boneless $2.99/lb.
Pork - Pork Loin Chops, boneless $2.99/lb.
Pork - Iowa Center Chops, bone-in $1.99/lb.
Pork - Rib Chops, bone-in $1.89/lb.
Pork - Boneless America Chops $3.39/lb.
Pork - Ground Pork - at least 80% lean $2.49/lb.
Pork - Ground Pork Patties $1.69/lb.
Pork - Pork Spareribs, bone-in $1.69/lb.
Pork - Pork Loin Back Ribs, bone-in $2.39/lb.
Pork - Pork St. Louis Style Ribs $2.79/lb.
Pork - Pork Country Style Ribs $1.99/lb.
Partially Processed - Fresh Bratwurst, Links $3.59/lb.
Partially Processed - Fresh Bratwurst, Patties $3.59/lb.
Partially Processed - Sliced Bacon $4.79/lb.
Partially Processed - Bacon Ends $2.49/lb.
Partially Processed - Pork Sausage, Bulk $2.59/lb.
Partially Processed - Pork Breakfast Sausage, Links $3.39/lb.
Partially Processed - Pork Italian Sausage, Bulk $2.59/lb.
Processed - Beef Jerky $12.99/lb.
Processed - Canadian Bacon $4.29/lb.
Processed - Frankfurters $2.59/lb.
Processed - Summer Sausage $5.79/lb.
Processed - Smoked Ham, bone-in $2.29/lb.
Processed - Sandwich Smoked Ham, Sliced $3.29/lb.
Processed - Smoked Ham - Boneless $3.09/lb.
Processed - Smoked Ham Steak - Boneless $3.29/lb.
Processed - Beef - Cured and Smoked, Sliced $5.49/lb.
Processed - Debrecziner Smoked Sausage $2.99/lb.
Processed - Smoked Ham Hocks $2.79/lb.
Processed - Smoked Pork Loin Chops, Bnls $4.29/lb.
Processed - Smoked Sausage Links $3.59/lb.
Processed - Snack Sticks $6.99/lb.
Processed -- Smoked Sausage Jalapeno Cheddar $3.89/lb.
Processed - Gourmet Cranberry Liver Sausage $3.29/lb.
Processed - Landjager $7.99/lb.
Processed - Ring Bologna $3.59/lb.